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Maternity trousers for ultimate comfort and support during pregnancy and post-partum.

Comfort and support are the most important elements when it comes to maternity trousers. All of our maternity stretch pants have been specially designed to allow for the growth of the bump and belly while providing absolute support and comfort. We all have different needs and wants when it comes to maternity trousers and with mums in mind, we have designed our range of maternity trousers to accommodate as many of your every needs as possible.

Why choose maternity trousers from Cadenshae?

Specially designed by mums for mums our leggings have been constructed to help keep the weight off your pelvis as well as reduce pressure off muscles and ligaments around the bottom half of your body while it is growing. We also provide harem pants (maternity baggy trousers) that give that loose, relaxed, casual look that mums search for as well. Great for all-day wear during and after pregnancy. Our small range of maternity trousers are the latest in-trend pants for any trimester of pregnancy and post-partum. Check them out to find a great pair of maternity exercise pants or something to suit your way of life as a mum.


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