Collaborations and Partnerships

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Cadenshae is more than just activewear, we're a global community and we are proud to partner with some of the best brands when it comes to supporting mothers:

  • Huggies
  • Mountain Buggy
  • Saysh
  • The Sleep Store
  • More Than Milk - Julia Daly
  • Mama Body Tea
  • Two Islands - Milk Maker
  • Oh Baby Magazine

We have partnered with fellow Kiwi brand, the iconic Mountain Buggy to bring you the best when it comes to keeping active as a new mother. This new partnership delivers a strong message, with both brands advocating good health and wellbeing to families with young children, in particular, focussing on helping mothers live their best life by getting out and about in comfort and style. Check out our amazing offer when you purchase any Mountain Buggy 3 Wheel Buggy or spend over $100 at our Australian or New Zealand website. Click here to learn more.

The name Huggies is synonymous with nappies; as they're the leader in their field. We've partnered with Huggies to give our commnunity the chance to receive Huggies nappies in their orders for a limited time so they too can try this amazing brand. The Huggies brand has evolved into an integral part of every new baby and new parents life with being the leading baby and parenting site in Australia and New Zealand.

Kangatraining offers group fitness sessions during pregnancy, and with your baby once they’ve arrived! In a Kangatraining class, mums and dads ‘wear’ their baby in a front or back pack, while completing a physically challenging, but fun work-out! Each class is based on sports science and created with experts such as gynecologists, sport scientists and physiotherapists. Kangatraining is in over 25 countries, but Cadenshae has established a solid relationship with both the New Zealand and Australian branches. Any new mum who joins Kangatraining down under will receive a special discount code, meaning for a lesser cost - you can enjoy wearing the best, and most practical activewear while working out with your bundle of joy! We love what Kangatraining is all about – promoting a healthy lifestyle for mums and dads, but doing so in a way that can involve the whole family. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to restrict your work out time, you just might have to change it up a bit! Kangatraining can help with that!