10 Expert Tips On Nursing Bras For Large Breasts


The endless search to find the right nursing bras for large breasts is a very real and common problem for some mums. One that is incredibly frustrating and seems like there is no solution for, but the good news is... we are here to help!

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  1. Why don't many brands accommodate cup sizes in the E, F, G, and H, I, J range?
  2. Are you wearing the wrong size nursing bra?
  3. What to avoid in a nursing bra if you have large breasts?
  4. Not able to find an extra large cup with a small band size?
  5. On the other hand, some require the same cup size but the band size increases.
  6. What should a properly fitting nursing bra feel like if you have large breasts?
  7. What are the best nursing bras for large breasts?
  8. What are the benefits of wearing a nursing sports bra for large breasts?
  9. How can the right nursing bra help to breastfeed with large breasts?
  10. Nursing bras for large breasts reviews.


As a mum looking for big breasted nursing bras, finding a bra with the right style and support is a difficult challenge. One of the main reasons being, there is little variety in the way of nursing bras that accommodate small band size, with cup sizes in the E, F, G, and H, I, J range. Not to mention, finding the right level of support and comfort for your unique lifestyle as a mum or mum to be. There is no doubt that finding the perfect nursing bra or nursing sports bra is a big hurdle to jump, in order to make life a lot easier as an active mum with large breasts.

1. Why don’t many brands accommodate cup sizes in the E, F, G, and H, I, J range?

In clothing, you've got small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large so there is a small range of sizes, but in bras, the range of sizes is far bigger.

For example: 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D, 10E, 10F, 10G, 10H, 10I, 10J, 12A, 12B, 12C and so on.

To stock one type of bra and have all sizes on hand, brands have to hold over 40 different sizes. To be able to carry a range of bras in such a large range of sizes is really costly, so most brands will only keep the most common sizes in stock.

Although there are a lot of women that are not able to find a bra that is big enough, for every 100 there might be 15 that are in that H, I and J cup bracket. Although it's not a very big market it’s a market that we feel is extremely important. It really can change a mum with big breasts life when she is able to find a plus size nursing bra that actually fits and provides the right amount of support. Not to mention, one that looks amazing too.

But for a lot of other brands, it’s a numbers and money game hence the reason that finding the best supportive nursing bra for large breasts has been so difficult in the past.

2. Are you wearing the wrong size nursing bra?

It is common for mums to be buying and wearing the wrong nursing bra size, especially if you have large breasts and your breasts grow a lot in your final trimester of pregnancy. Trying to squeeze them into a nursing bra that’s too small or not supportive enough can cause you all sorts of problems.

  • Discomfort and breast swelling.
  • Difficult nursing access.
  • Breast infections (plugged ducts or mastitis).
  • Bra straps that dig in.
  • Added strain on the back.
  • Aggravated nipples.
  • Under-boob rashes.
  • Spillage out the sides and top of your nursing bra.

Wearing the wrong size nursing bra with large breasts

3. What to avoid in a nursing bra if you have large breasts?

If you’re a woman with large breasts then the chances of discomfort or getting plugged ducts, a breast infection or mastitis can increase. You want to avoid ...

    • Nursing bras that don’t fit.
    • Nursing bras with thin straps.
    • Nursing bras that don’t provide adequate support.
    • Nursing bras with thinner fabrics such as lace, as your breasts will have very little support.
  • Nursing bras that have wires or underwires in them. Wires and underwires can put additional pressure on the milk ducts. There are types of bras with flexi wire which is fine.

4. Not able to find an extra large cup with a small band size?

Another big factor that we have found with some mums with extra large breasts is that they can't find a bra that has a big enough cup size for their band size. A lot of bras that are sold might be 12B, 12C, 12D, 12E, 12F and once you start trying to get into a G, H, I and J cup, all of a sudden those cup sizes are only available for women in sizes 18, 20 or 22.

The thing is that when you're breastfeeding, your boobs get bigger but sometimes your under breast doesn't. In other words, your cup size increases greatly but your band size remains similar.

Some mums find it really hard to find maternity nursing bras for large cup sizes with a smaller band size because they're not necessarily a bigger woman. They've just got bigger breasts at that point in time in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

So a lot of women will wear the wrong band size, and if you've got the wrong band size then you are not going to get the support you need and problems are going to start to arise. Having a wider firm band at the bottom of the bra disperses weight evenly throughout the underbust which is extremely important because a majority of the support comes from underneath.

This is the reason why we specially designed and developed the “Luxe Bra” as a nursing sports bra to accommodate women with an extra large cup and a small band size.

5. On the other hand, some require the same cup size but the band size increases.

Just as commonly there are some mums and times in pregnancy where the band size increases but the cup size remains the same. If the cups of your bra fit well but your band is becoming too small then allowances need to be in place in the bra to provide a couple of extra centimetres of under band.

The way we have accommodated this in the “Ultimate Bra” for large breasts and the “Luxe Bra” for larger breasts is that they are specially designed with an adjustable back band, as well as the straps having the option to convert to a racerback design. So you can use the bras for everyday wear and make use of a bra extender because they are not fixed racerback designs.

Providing you with the flexibility of increasing the band size, without going up a cup size should you need to and still have the option to wear it is a racerback for extra support when working out or as needed.

6. What should a properly fitting nursing bra feel like if you have large breasts?

  • You should be able to slip two of your fingers underneath the band without it being too difficult.
  • The wing support should feel nice and secure but not restricted.
  • The bra should comfortably expand and contract with you through your deepest breath.
  • Cups should always fit smoothly across the breasts, without any spillage, bulging or digging into your breast tissue.
  • Your posture should be upright with your shoulders drawn back slightly, not pulled forward.
  • There should be no elements of the bra digging into your body such as the straps digging into your shoulders or back.

best nursing bra for large breasts

7. What are the best nursing bras for large breasts?

Large breasts have different needs to the average sized breast. They require a lot of elements that a quality sports bra provides such as …

  • Sturdy fabrics to provide comfort, stretch and support.
  • Encapsulating cups to lift and separate the breasts. No squishing!
  • Wide straps to disperse weight and prevent the bra from digging in.
  • Adjustability to allow you to perform different degrees of intensity in exercise.
  • Full coverage and all over support.
  • No underwire.

Then add the elements specific to a great nursing bra such as …

  • Padding to prevent leaks.
  • Easy access to the breast for breastfeeding.
  • Adjustability to grow with you through pregnancy and nursing.

8. What are the benefits of wearing a nursing sports bra for large breasts?

A nursing sports bra for the big breasted mum has all the support features of a normal sports bra as listed above but they have the clips that can enable the front panel to fold down, so you can easily breastfeed.

Being a woman with very large breasts impacts your life in a lot of ways and even restricts how active you can be. Breasts can weigh a lot, in fact, the average weight of an F cup is 1.2kg and if it's not being supported correctly, you can't do much movement because it can rip the tissue in your breasts.

This means that it can be quite painful to do any kind of exercise even low impact exercise while you are pregnant or postpartum. For women that have bigger breasts, it's a massive hindrance and if you can't find the right bra, then exercise is simply out of the question.

So by finding a nursing sports bra that fits properly, provides great support and comfort you can feel good and enjoy any type of exercise as a mum. Whether its low impact exercise such as walking as part of a mothers group or high impact exercise if you like to keep more active.

The “Ultimate Bra” and “Luxe Bra” for large breasts are specially designed ...

  • With padded straps for extra comfort.
  • With extreme comfort in mind for everyday use.
  • To provide the right level of support to take a load off your back.
  • With wider straps around the back to help disperse any pain points.
  • For comfort and breathability with seams designed to expand and contract with you.
  • To cover as much of the breast as possible, providing all-round support, serving as your helping hands.
  • To promote better posture so the stress on your shoulders and back is greatly reduced by distributing the weight evenly throughout the back and taking the pressure off of your shoulders.
  • With thicker bands underneath the bust to reduce vertical movement and provide more comfort.
  • To fit correctly and adjust easily, so that if you're doing exercise, depending on what type of exercise, you might want to have the straps shortened or lengthened depending on how much support you want or need.
  • Without any wire. The way the bras are structured, they provide a tonne of support to stop the breasts from moving without squishing them.
  • With special fabrics. Along the back inside wings, we use a power mesh, which is a lightweight breathable fabric but it's also really strong so it keeps its shape. Then in the front of the bra, we have foam moulded cups and nylon spandex over top, so it's offering some stretch but also a lot of support.
  • With an adjustable back with the option to convert to a racerback design. So you can use it for everyday wear by unhooking or working out with even more support as a racerback. This also enables you to use a bra extender because they aren’t fixed racerback nursing bras. Giving you a couple of extra centimetres of under band if required.
  • So that you don’t need a dedicated pumping bra. The fabrics we use in the Ultimate and Luxe bras are sturdier, therefore, they hold a breast pump on better. Providing yet another practical element in plus size nursing bras.

All of these elements make them not only the best nursing bra for large breasts but the best sports bra for large breasts and high impact activity in general. We get a lot of big busted women who want to get out and exercise, ordering these bras even when they aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding because they offer so much support and comfort for their large breasts that they can’t find anywhere else.

From women that just want to get out and start walking regularly right through to marathon runners, equestrians and even a circus aerialist. Women with large breasts simply want a bra that is going to provide as much support as possible and the ultimate amount of comfort.

9. How can the right nursing bra help to breastfeed with large breasts?

We are commonly asked if we have any breastfeeding tips for larger breasted mums. Being able to get your breast out for easy nursing access is more difficult for mothers with large breasts, especially when breastfeeding in public, as it is very difficult to be discreet.

Traditionally mums would unclip their bra and then have to lift their breast out to feed. But because you’re removing something that is designed to give you full coverage and support it creates a lot of hard work as you're trying to keep the bra semi on you without any support, while trying to let the breast out at the same time, not to mention hold and nurse baby too.

In our range of nursing bras for larger busts, we have specially designed features in the “Ultimate Bra” and “Luxe Bra” to ensure the breastfeeding process with large breasts is simple and straightforward even when you’re out in public.

best bras for large breasts

(A) Easy drop down cups.

The front panel of the cups have the clips at the top of the cup/bottom of the strap. These enable the front panel to fold down for easy breastfeeding while still providing support.


nursing bras for extra large breasts                                                                                    nursing bras for extra large breasts

(B) Underlayer A-frame nursing sling.

When you unclip and fold down the drop down cups there is an A-frame underlayer nursing sling that continues to provide support and covers some of the breasts. Particularly the side and top of the breast which are revealed most in some styles.

Another major bonus with wearing this style is that it is a lot easier to get the baby to latch onto the breast because your breasts are still being lifted and supported while you are breastfeeding.


big breasted nursing bras

(C) Separate cups to provide the ultimate support and separate the breasts.

Most mums with big busts dread the “uni-boob”. They don't want their breasts pushed together and pushed on. They want them lifted up and in their own spacing for the most comfort and support possible.

The Ultimate and Luxe bras are designed to lift the breasts up and support the back properly. Giving the breasts a nice shape and putting each breast in its own encapsulated cup in the bra. That way each breast has got its own space so that you're not going to get the “mono-boob” or “uni-boob”.


10. Nursing bras for large breasts reviews.

Reviews are essential when searching for the best bras for large breasts, below you can read just a few of the many raving reviews women with large breasts have written about the “Ultimate Bra” and "Luxe Bra".

“Ultimate Bra, Comfort And Support! So happy with my purchase of the Ultimate Bra size 14 (normally 14DD to 16 E while breastfeeding). Wish I had found these bras sooner and not wasted so much money on other brands. It's so hard to find a bra that fits properly and gives you the support and comfort you need. I cannot recommend these Bras enough! Ladies if you’re looking for comfort and support these are perfect!!! Very happy. X Donna.”

“The Best Bra For An Active Mum! I wish I knew about this bra with my first two kids! I have not been able to find a good supportive sports bra while nursing due my large size. And I have problems with blocked ducts with other sports bras because they compress so much. This bra does not do that at all. Great support and no compression. Love it! Ali.”

‘AMAZING (The Ultimate Bra). One word for this bra... AMAZING! In all honesty, it did take me a while to decide to purchase this bra. I was looking for good nursing activewear bras and even though some say not to, I wanted underwire as I felt underwire was going to be the only type of bra which supported my E cup breasts, particularly for the kind of workouts I do. I went to bras and things and wasted my money on non-nursing sports bras because let's be honest, there isn’t a lot to offer nursing sports bra wise on the market, however, I quickly realised it was too difficult trying to feed bub while wearing these. So I jumped back on the Cadenshae website and decided to give one a go. Boy, I’m glad I did! And you know what, I learnt something... that I definitely didn’t need underwire if the bra is well made. The Cadenshae bra is awesome - really well made, super comfortable, very supportive and also convenient for nursing. Words cannot express how impressed I am with this product and the price is also awesome for the quality of the product. I’m about to go buy some more online now and I’m going to change out all my nursing bras and just wear the Ultimates from now on. Seriously, don’t hesitate as I did and just buy the damn bra. You’ll be wasting your money if you buy anything from anywhere else! Anita.”

“I've just received my order of the new Luxe bra (and some of the hoodies which are also amazing) and I couldn't be happier. As a 10J lady who has also had radiation and surgery on one breast I'd been really struggling with wearing any kind of bra/crop top that was supportive, didn't make me uncomfortable or look weird! This delivery has literally been life-changing and given me back some confidence. Thank you so much Nikki, and team. xxx”

“My Luxe bra has just arrived, and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I absolutely love it! It’s really comfy, has a super cute pattern and the fit is fantastic! I’m currently only 23 weeks pregnant and have already gone up roughly 2 cup sizes and it fits well now yet also has plenty of room in the cup for when my milk comes in. Thank you so much for bringing out such a brilliant bra for us already larger chested ladies! Cheers, Brooke.”

“When I read the words “this is the bra you were hoping someone would make” I allowed myself to get my hopes up and finally hit ‘complete order’. I AM SO HAPPY I DID! I could have cried with relief when I put it on for the first time. I’m 6 months PP and have been a 10G since my second tri. I tried the Ultimate bra in a 10 and 12 but the cup size was too small in a 10 and the band too big in a 12. The Luxe bra is the perfect solution to this problem. I ordered an 8 and a 10 to try as I was a little sceptical, I would fit something with an 8 on the tag but I needn’t have worried, the recommended size on the conversion chart was perfect. The bra is well-made, comfortable and pretty sturdy. The straps are a generous-enough length that I can clip them together as a racer back and still have some length to spare. Also love that the racer back clip can be moved up and down along the strap, I hate it when they cross to high up on my back. The thick under bust band is awesome, it feels really firm but doesn’t dig in uncomfortably. I am so happy and impressed. Only tweaks I would make is that the internal sling material is very soft and stretchy/flimsy compared to the sturdy moulded cup, seems like it may stretch out too easily, but not a big deal at all. It does a nice job sitting between the breasts and soaking up that between the boob sweat! Will definitely be buying the other colour and hanging out for more. Well done! – Annie”

Written by Nikki Clarke.


best supportive nursing bra for large breasts

 best nursing bra for large bust



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