Birth and the first few days


And so my due date came and went. For those of you that know us you’ll know that my partner chose to find out the sex of the baby, I however did not. I had everyone giving me their opinions as to what is was,” it’s a boy cause it’s late” it’s a girl because when your pregnant with a girl you hold it in your arse” geez thanks!!! But whatever it was I wanted it out.!!!

By now I had put on 20kg and carrying this around with me everyday was starting to get very very annoying. I was doing exercise everyday by this stage in the hope of making baby hurry up. From step-ups, to squatting to skipping, yes you heard skipping. And NONE of it worked. Three days went by, nothing, 4 days, nothing 5,6,7 days NOTHING. Finally day 10 came around and my little one decided to make its way into the world in one hell of a rush, well not really, just a short 14 hours.!!!!!!!! 147am Sunday 27th October 2014 and our awesome baby girl Caden Shae Clarke was born.

My partner, mum, mother in law and best friend were present. It was an amazing, although at times, scary experience. And here she was!!! A perfect little baby girl, all 8lb 7oz of her. I held her as soon as she was born and after about 20 minutes of skin to skin was wrapped up and passed around the crowd for personal introductions. First was her Dad of course. My amazing partner Adam. Then the rest followed. By this time it was the early hours of the morning, about 3am. The nursing staff politely asked everyone to leave so I could ‘get some rest’. I remember everyone leaving, they all said goodbye to me and went to walk out. I pulled Adam over and said “ What do I do now?’ Yes I was referring to my beautiful daughter. He replied, “ Just try get some sleep baby and ill come back as soon as I wake up”. Now although as comforting as those words may seem, nothing could comfort me at that moment. There I was, left alone in a hospital room, with my baby sleeping next to me in a small bassinet. It was so lonely. If my baby had of been born at 12 o’clock in the afternoon I wouldn’t have been left alone until later that night, but being left alone so soon was quite honestly a very daunting experience. I tried to get a few hours sleep, but my daughter started crying and I tried to feed her, luckily it came relatively easily. After that, the nurse came in and took her away for an hour so I could get some much needed sleep.

Morning came and I sat and watched the sunrise with my girl in my arms, but that wasn’t before I rang Adam at the crack of dawn to come back and see me, us. Poor guy had only 2 hours sleep but there he was in 20 mins, his eyes falling out of his head, with the biggest smile and his face soaked with expression of love and adoration. We sat and talked and kissed and admired our baby. She was ours, WOW!! A more acceptable time of morning came around and nurses filled the room, with documentation and a sense of urgency to move me to the maternity ward so off we went. Luckily we were put in an empty room with four beds. First nappy change was Adams department. I basically just sat there and watched everyone else deal with her, all my job was, was to feed her. She pretty much slept the whole day. By 3pm we were eager to get home, so we packed everything up and begged the nurse to let us go home.

Adam raced off to get the car and I met him downstairs with the new edition. We strapped her into the car seat, with everyone watching, yes I wish I had of practiced it to avoid the embarrassment.  We dropped up to mum and dads place first, so we could Skype Adams dad. On the way home we stopped at the supermarket to get some dinner, I stayed in the car patiently. I just wanted to be home. By about 5pm we were home in our little nest. Thank god, Adams mum was staying with us. She helped out and did almost everything. The first few days were with out a doubt the hardest. Very little sleep. We took turns looking after her. Adams mum spent the whole night up with her and just bought her in for feeds, which was great. On the Monday we went grocery shopping. We walked around the supermarket at a very leisurely pace, when I suddenly need to pee. Like right at that moment. I remember asking the checkout lady if they had a toilet I could use and her casual, delayed answer had me explaining to her that I had a one day old baby and that I needed a toilet, any toilet whether it was for staff use only or not. After that I felt like a new woman. It took rather a long time to get through the shopping, every second person wanted to see the one day old baby and ask one million questions.  Meanwhile Caden was blissfully unaware of the plethora of strangers peering in at her. That night, Adams mum looked after her for a short time while I wandered over to the gym to watch Adam train some clients. Once again a million questions. I was only gone for 20min as I was worried Caden would be hungry, and sure enough she was waiting  for the milk machine as soon as it walked in the door.

The next day came and went and that third night was the worst night of all. Adam and I remember looking at each other and just thinking "What have we got ourselves into?" Adams mum slept most of the night as she had been up most of the previous nights and it was just us. She cried and cried and cried and we didn’t know how to console her. My milk hadn’t come in so she was a hungry little girl and all we could do was wait. Morning came and so did my milk and all was well. We had boxing and circuit classes on that week, so we took Caden along to meet at the members at the gym. Fair to say not much working out got done, as a high percentage of the classes were females. The next few days flew by and before we knew it she was one week old. Our lives had changed for the better and our journey as a family was just beginning.

Written by Nikki Clarke.





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