5 Minutes With Sissel Way.

5 Minutes With Sissel Way.
Sissel is wearing the 'Smoothie Crop Bra' in confetti/white and the 'Classic Maternity Leggings' in black.

If you’re pregnant and in need of some serious #fitspo, check out Sissel Way on her Instagram page - @the_fitway. This gorgeous and energetic Aussie talked to us all about fitness, food and feeling sexy.

You’re the Queen of pregnancy fitness! What have been your favourite ways to stay in shape over the past nine months?

Well, thank you! I wouldn’t say 'Queen,' but I’ll take it regardless, hehe! I’ve had quite a few favourite things to keep me in shape; F45, Lifting weights, Pregnancy Pilates, Yoga and lots of walks thanks to our little Pupper. Of course, modified and cleared by my doctor to ensure no harm was done to bub or myself.

Why is keeping fit during pregnancy so important to you?

I think there is a bit of a misconception about fitness and pregnancy, unfortunately. A lot of women believe that exercise can harm the baby, and it’s a time to just slow down and relax. For me, it's more of a mental thing. I need to be active for my mental health, and I guess there is a slight addiction to the good old endorphins. But overall, after looking a bit more into it and discussing it with my doctor, it's important to stay fit for both myself and bub, for the pregnancy itself, for labour, and I’ll be in a better position for post bub recovery too.

Has your relationship with your body changed during your pregnancy?

It really has, for all the positive reasons. And it does come with a bit of an essay, so please bear with me. After letting years with a negative body image and being in a really negative headspace from a few pregnancy losses, I decided that enough was enough. I could continue the self-pity and not really get anywhere, or I could give myself a good old kick up the butt and move on. I decided on the latter, and that 2017 would be my year. Little did I know…a month later, a pregnancy test turned positive. I was initially a little bit worried how it would affect my body, however, I also had a bit of an epiphany...

We’re about to bring a little girl into a world where there is now so much pressure to fit into a narrow idea of beauty and how to look. How I am supposed to raise this little girl to become a strong and confident woman when I am lacking the confidence myself?

I realised that I have nothing to worry about! I have a strong, fit and healthy body thanks to years of hard work. It wasn’t done overnight; however, I can honestly say that I have never been more confident in my own skin than what I am now, even with the extra weight. I feel so fabulous and sexy, I am so excited about my new curves. I can’t stop showing off my growing belly. I’m growing a human! How amazing is that?! I LOVE IT!

How did you develop your interest in fitness?

I grew up in Norway, in a time where everyone was doing some form of outdoor activity. I did cross-country skiing in winter, soccer in summer, played outdoors with my friends, plus my dad was a massive gym junkie, so I am quite grateful for that. At the age of 18 I started working at a local fitness centre as an aerobics (yup the old school kind) and spinning instructor, and from then on I was hooked!

When I relocated to Australia to study, I did lose touch with my fitness passion for a few years, but I knew something was missing, so as soon as I finished Uni and started to earn some money again, I was back at the gym. And never looked back…!

Who do you follow for fitness inspiration?

Oh, so many! Lately, it's been more about the people who promote a positive body image and mental health, and of course the Fit Mums. I am really enjoying Emily Anderson’s (@emilyskyefit) pregnancy journey at the moment, as I find it so relatable.

Have you had any strange cravings during your pregnancy?

I wouldn’t say strange exactly, but my taste buds definitely changed over the nine months. I seemed to get extremely hung up on one item one week, then over it the next. I actually wrote down a little cravings diary as it was quite amusing. Anything from burgers, to chocolate milk! One week all I wanted was tomatoes, the next ham and cheese croissants. I even craved Coca-Cola and Fanta for a while, which I normally cannot stand! I feel like I was craving anything savoury for the first half of my pregnancy, and sweet for the last. I did lose interest in a lot of my normal foods, so seafood, kangaroo and vegetables were suddenly revolting. I found it hard to maintain my balanced diet with healthy eating, and I’ve inhaled a lot more junk food than I normally do. One thing I’ve loved throughout the whole pregnancy is my homemade, baked potato chips. Sweet potato or normal potato. I’m addicted!

What’s a day in your life like these days?

I’ll do a day from when I was still working, as right now it’s nothing much exciting to report on. I’m just walking around waiting for bub’s arrival!

So, it would start with a 5.30am wake-up call for a F45 session. Get home by 7am, walk the dog for about 20-30 minutes, then breakfast which normally consisted of some type of eggs on toast.

I’d then work 9am-5pm, lunch I would try to be good and have a salad with some form of protein, however, more often than not, it ended up being a Nutella sandwich (or two...or three...) or the pre-cooked Uncle Ben’s brown rice bags with Tuna or Chicken.

After work we would take Pupper for another walk, then dinner, which normally would consist of some form of protein, salad or veg and the staple item; homemade potato chips. Or burgers. There has been plenty of homemade burgers!

Written by Nikki Clarke. 

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